Liquid inoculant

A liquid inoculant formulated with a sterile foundation, well known for its practical use.

It contains specially selected bacteria fixing strains of Nitrogen,Bradyrhizobium quantities superior to 1500 millions per mL of inoculant; selected on the basis of its uniqueness, infectiousness and efficiency in the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen. Its exclusive formulation allows for a high concentration of microorganisms in the product and on the seed, which guarantees that the root be infected during the germination process, in this way achieving early nodulation.
It allows for seed treatment to take place unto 24 hours before the sow.

  • High load of Nitrogen fixation microorganisms.
  • Minimum concentration of microorganisms of 5x109.
  • An increase in the performance of the grain of 200 kg per hectare.
  • Soya
Bladder of 5 L.
Application Rate
100 mL every 50 kg of seed.