Strategic Alliances

The Force of our Social Network


Wisdom and good ideas expand in networks. In our search for sustainable agriculture, we rely on strategic alliances to compliment our investigative projects and product development.

Aiming to directing the most advanced investigations in the industry, we maintain a technological connection with universities and investigative centers in Argentina and abroad. The relationship is sustained on the signing of agreements that explore different possibilities, ranging from everything related to agricultural crops to commercialization.

We also carry out agreements with national and multinational companies, aiming to increase know-how, explore new opportunities and develop a more sustainable, efficient and original production.

Our Alliances
Bioceres logo

Since 2016, Rizobacter is part of the Bioceres Group. The integration allowed us to enhance our alliance in the development of biotechnology, trying to develop a righteous seed that would allow for a better performance per hectare.

De sangosse logo

In 2016, we partnered with the French company De Sangosse to build a plant for micro-grain Fertilizers in Argentina. As a result, Synertech Industries was created and it has become the most modern plant in Latin America due to its production capacity (50 thousand tons) and infrastructure.

Rizobacter is also the sole representative in Argentina of CEBOS for the control of Clartex® plague + R y Clartex® BB and the fertilizer MICROSTAR PZ ®.

Syngenta logo

Since 1998, we partner with Syngenta, leader in the development of agricultural THERAPY in the world. The synergy of the product portfolio produced by both companies has been unbeatable. The work agreement allows us to combine the most advance technology with a highly efficient service for producers around the world.

Momentyve logo

Our strategic relationship with the Amercian company Momentive has allowed us to jointly develop a last generation agricultural adjuvants and has allowed us to learn about technologies that add efficiency to agricultural applications. Rizobacter also has the exclusive distribution in Argentina,Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil of the Silwet Adjuvant.