Our Commitment

We work to improve our present and to project the best future possible for our world


Our company’s global management is guided by and towards the principles of a sustainable development. We believe that we are capable of satisfying present necessities without compromising that of future generations, guaranteeing the equilibrium between economic growth, preservation of the environment and social wellbeing.


our commitment


El mundo
Our Values

Guided by these principles, our management takes responsibility for social, economic and environmental impact. We believe that we can have a favorable impact on the present and future world.

Get to Know Our Values

Excellence Our products and services, as well as the relationship with our clients, strategic partners, suppliers and community are guided by Excellence.
Trust We work as a team guided by principles of sincerity, honesty and transparency.
Commitment Our responsible and respectful behavior is a testament of our commitment to our work and conveyance of knowhow.
Challenges We bet for constant improvement and innovation.
Flexibility We are flexible and capable of understanding differences.

Our Code of Ethics:

In 2016, the members of our Corporate Board approved the first Code of Ethics for Rizobacter. It is a testament and promise made by Directors, Executives and company employees to uphold ethical values of honesty and integrity, not only while interacting within the company and in their commercial relationship, but also within the community.

Edificio Rizobacter
Our Total Quality Environmental Management

Each step we take is backed by a total quality system. Our products are produced under norm systems that guarantee effective and secure solutions for our clients in rigorous agricultural markets around the world.

How do we do it?

Our exhaustive process of continual improvement allowed us to obtain a triple norm approval for our Integral Management System. Some of the certifications are:

logo ISO

ISO 9001:2008

International Standards Certification.

Logo ISO

ISO 14001:2004

Certification that helps in the organization of our audited environmental management of all our processes.

logo ohsas

OHSAS 18001

Certification that guarantees the security and welfare of our employees.


We face the challenge of becoming a carbon neutral company.

For that purpose we have created a Committee with people from all different sectors of the company that are in charge of carrying out the measurement of our CO2 emissions, and are also responsible for the planning of better strategies so as to comply in the short term with our objectives.

  1. Are committed to energy efficiency through our rationalization of resources used so as to improve production, logistics and distribution.
  2. Carry out a rational use of packaging with the selection of raw materials that have less environmental impact. We recycle unused material, such as blisters and plastic containers.
  3. Our plant of sewage effluents is environmentally certified by the Provincial Entity of Sustainable Development, which is the maximum authority in environmental control in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where our company is based.
Nuestro desempeño social
Our Social Behavior

We grow when helping others to grow.

We are committed to our partner’s progress and the welfare of the communities influenced by our production.


We are the biggest private employer of Pergamino, a city of 120 thousand inhabitants, the place where the company was born and where we continue to develop our production capacity.

Human Resources’ Training and Benefits

We take care of our talent, offering them a healthy work environment and a HHRR policy that provides training and benefits, taking into account each person’s work and personal necessities.

Education for Sustainable Development

Through our social responsibility management, we contribute to preparing people, passing on knowledge and values that may contribute to the building of a future with greater opportunities. We offer the following:

Becas Rizobacter
Scholarships for students: Designed a program to provide opportunities for students who show dedication and outstanding results in their academic field.
Experiencia Rizobacter
First Job Experience: Call on young Secondary School graduates with high averages so they may carry out the first job experience in our company. In this way, they can be better prepared for their university studies.
Agro por venir
Specialized Training for Students from Agroindustry Schools: Promote correct agricultural practices and the use of sustainable technologies that can improve production.
Voluntariado Rizobacter
Social Work and Volunteering: Maintain bonds with social organizations, we strive to help vulnerable sectors of our area.