Is a Long Life Inoculant (LLI) that allows for the seed to be treated -alongside fungicides and insecticides- up to 60 days before the sow.

Its last generation microbiological technology ensures greater microorganism survival over the soybean, a greater nodular dry mass, better Biological Fixation of Nitrogen and high compatibility with seed treatments. With LLI, keeping the microorganisms alive along with the treatment of the seeds is no longer a problem because it becomes the motor for the solution, resulting in a significant advancement in the process of pre-sowing.

  • It enables the treatment of the seed- alongside fungicides and insecticides of chemical origin- up to 60 days before the sowing.
  • Ensures an adequate amount of microorganisms on the seed
  • More practical: allows an even flow in the distribution, enabling the quality of the treatment.
  • Allows for a perfect dosage, ensuring a decrease in the amount of product used.
  • Allows for the concept “ready to use” with less environmental risk, reducing the damage to the seed in pre-sowing treatments.
  • Greater implantation speed and security.
  • Soybean
125 ml/50 kg of seeds
Application Rate
5 L Blister