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Launched in Argentina this year, Rizoliq Dakar was recognized as the new inoculant tolerant to high temperatures and hydric deficiency.
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Micro biotechnology that is completely degradable, which allows for superior results in agricultural applications
Rizobacter Argentina
The company strives to increase the commercialization of its biotechnologies in Europe and India. Already present in 30 countries, it has accumulated more than 40 international licenses in the last two years.
As part of its expansion and growth plan in the region, Rizobacter will take part as an exhibitor in “Biocontrols Africa 2017 Conference & Expo”, on the 12th and 13th of July in Cape Town, South Africa.
The company is expanding its investigation and the development of biotechnologies for the development of crops, which in some cases, increase the use of Phytosanitary and reduce environmental impact.