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Compañía líder en biosoluciones agrícolas que investiga, desarrolla y comercializa tecnologías innovadoras para el crecimiento de los cultivos

Product Lines

Inoculants and BioInducers
Cutting-edge inoculant technologies that guarantee maximum efficiency in the Biological Nitrogen Fixation process - essential for high quality and productivity of legume crops. Learn more
Plant protection
Biological seed treatments for wheat, barley and soybean with prolonged residual power that provide greater diseases control with a lower environmental impact. Learn more
Advanced technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural applications, with environmentally friendly, nonylphenol-free formulas. Learn more
Crop Nutrition and Bioestimulation
We offer high value-added products that guarantee the most effective reach of essential nutrients for a good crop growth and development. Learn more
Biofertilizers based on growth-promoting bacteria for wheat, corn and sunflower seeds that release phosphorous from the soil through solubilization, favoring radical development and crop evolution. Learn more