Rizobacter wins the CITA Prize 2018

Premios Cita
Launched in Argentina this year, Rizoliq Dakar was recognized as the new inoculant tolerant to high temperatures and hydric deficiency.

With La Rural as a backdrop, Rizobacter was recognized yesterday with the prize given to Innovative Technology in the Agroindustry, in the category of “Biological Products”. The distinction went to Rizoliq Dakar, an inoculant that promotes the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen under conditions of draught and high temperatures.

It’s a technology coproduced with INDRASA that provides a sustainable and adaptable answer to global warming in environments of high stress levels due to a lack of water and high temperatures, which affect the productivity of crops. The product also addresses the needs of generating new better production possibilities in areas with limited environments, which endanger the survival of the inoculant’s microorganisms, the symbiosis and the productivity of soybean plants.

As a result of the “Induced Natural Selection”, Rizoliq Dakar is manufacturing a product based on a highly resistant and adaptable microbial population that can nodulate even under stress levels generated by extreme water deficiency and high temperatures. The Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains have shown to have high metabolic, enzymatic and protein capacity, which translates in a greater mobility so as to have more Carbon and Nitrogen sources, with high self-preservation levels.

It allows for greater Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, a dry nodular mass, a vegetative biomass and output in areas that was deemed impossible before.