Combines the inoculating based on leguminosarum biovar viceae strains and a last generation seed treatment that allows for the exponential potentiation of legume nutrition, while it preserves the health of the seeds.


4 bladder of 2 L each of Rilegum Top
2 bottles of 1 L each of Maxim Evolution

Application Rate
    200 mL/50kg of seeds

An effective alternative for getting better turnover and grain production with high protein content in peas, lentils and sweet pea.

Liquid inoculant
Rilegum TOP

Is a Liquid inoculant for winter legumes that promotes a high metabolic and physiological performance of the specific microorganisms on the seeds. It includes osmoprotective technology.

Seed Treatment
Maxim Evolution

A systemic and contact fungicide used for the integral treatment of the soybean seed. It combines three active principles: Fludioxonil 2,5 g + Metalaxyl-M 2,0 g + Tiabendazole 15 g.