It combines the technology of long life inoculation of Rizoliq LLI Peanut and the Premax LLI protector, guaranteeing the survival of bacteria and optimal crop emergence.



Each Pack contains 40 Doses of Rizoliq LLI Mani and Premax LLI for 2000 Kg of seeds

Application Rate
    200 mL of Rizoliq LLI + 70 mL of Premax LLI x 50 kg of Peanut Seeds
Liquid inoculant
Rizoliq LLI Mani

Is a Liquid inoculant based on Bradyrhizobium sp, formulated for the cultivation of peanuts. It includes osmoprotective Technology (TOP).

Bacterial protector
Premax Uruguay

Bacterial protector that increases on-seed survival.