Fungicide Seed treatment

Seed treatment of biological origin for wheat and soybean that enables a better control of diseases and has long lasting residual power.

Its formulation is completely biological, based on the Trichoderma Harzianum 2 (TH2) strain, selected to be effective in combating the development of the most important diseases in winter cereals such as: Fusarium Graminearum, Bipolaris sorokiniana and Drechslera Tritici repentis that dwell in the soil and the seed.

In soybean’s case, it efficiently controls the diseases in the seed such as Cerospora kikuchii, phomopsis and furarium spp.

  • A 100 % liquid product that is applied directly on the seed
  • Compatible with other products, even those of synthetic origin.
  • Provides the necessary vigor that favors the strengthening of the seedling, during the whole germination and surfacing period
  • Provides the greatest residual power available in the market
  • Promotes new more efficient and prolonged defense mechanisms
  • Soya
Rizopack 236 Rizoderma Soja: Caja con 2 vejigas de 3 L c/u. de Rizoderma Soja 1 vejiga de Protector x 1 L c/u. 2 vejigas de 2 L c/u de Rizoliq TOP; para curar 2000 kg de semilla..
RIZODERMA SOJA: 300 mL c/100 Kg de semilla
Se recomienda utilizar protector celular ya que aumenta la eficacia de RIZODERMA