A fungicide used for the treatment of barley and wheat seeds. It controls diseases that affect the seed during the implantation. Active principles: Difenoconazole 9,2 g / Metalaxyl-M 2,3 g.

Its main advantage is that it contributes in diminishing the dependency on external factors. Because of its systemic action, it is absorbed by the seed and transferred to the seedling. The benefits continue even after the crop has surfaced, in this way contributing to the control of foliar diseases. The combination of its active principles (Difenoconazole y Metalaxyl-M) provides a broad range of control over diseases of the soil and the seed.

Sygenta group Registered product.

  • Fungicide Seed treatment with high degree of preventive and healing control.
  • Excellent control of the Rhizoctonia.
  • Rooting Power: Development and strength from the root.
  • Greater tolerance to stress.
  • Low toxicity: of secure use for the worker applying the product.
  • Quality of the formulation: there is no release of the product.
  • Barley
  • Wheat
4 cans each of 5 L
Application Rate
100 a 300 mL/100 kg of seeds