A fungicide used for the integral management of diseases that affect the cultivation of wheat in its early stages.  Active principles: Difenoconazole, Fludioxonil, Sedaxane.

Its formulation combines the exclusive Sedaxane molecule -belonging to the chemical group of the Carboxamides- that effectively control the Rhizoctonia fungus. Its systemic action, with an ascending and descending movement, makes it tenacious in the whole root and the area above the surface. The Sedaxane molecule has the capacity to define genes that improve root development, producing healthy and strong roots from the beginning of the process.

sygenta group Registered product.

  • Secure implantation; it does not affect the germination power of the seed.
  • Wide spectrum: it activates protection over the fungus in the soil and seed.
  • Low toxicity: provides tranquility for the worker. Class III.
  • Modern formulation: less emissions of dust during the sowing.
  • Low dosage use: easy to dosify.
  • Stimulates root and aerial development.
  • Less dependency of external factors.
  • Systematic, preventive and curative action.
  • Barley
  • Wheat
4 cans each of 5 L
Application Rate
200-250 ml/100 kg of seeds