A fungicide and insecticide therapy used for the treatment of oats, wheat, barley and soybean. It is specially designed for the control of diseases and insects that affect the sowing and its implantation.

SUREN ® PLUS combines in its formulation the action of three active principles, providing fungicide and insecticide action, without affecting the germinating power of the treated plants.

Both fungicides that make up its formulation have complimenting action modes:

Difenoconazole (triazol) is absorbed by the roots and moved through the seedling, exercising a systemic and translaminar action. It acts inhibiting the subcuticular development of the mycelium of the fungus, preventing the development of the diseases’ symptoms.

Fludioxonil (phenylpyrrole) acts through contact, interfering in the process of osmotic regulation through the inhibition of the kinase protein. The combination of both provides a wide control range and persistent action, protecting the cultivation of pathogens that affect the seeds and seedlings during the implantation. It is the only phenylpyrrole of the Market.

SUREN ® PLUS provides a persistence in the control of insects in the soil, through tiametoxam (neonicotinoide), the insecticide of the formulation; It is absorbed by the roots, systematically moving to the rest of the seedling. It exercises rapid contact action and through the stomach of the insect, affecting its nervous system.

Tiametoxam: posses a wide range of residual action. It acts stopping the damage of the plague, as it interferes with the nervous system of the insects, both in the soil and in those that feed and suck from vegetable tissue.

  • Modern formulation with less detachment of dust during the sowing.
  • Low toxicity for the worker. Class IV
  • Stimulates root and aerial development.
  • Effective protection over pointy soybean (Promecops carinicollis) and the big pointy soybean (Sternechus subsignatus)
  • High compatibility with inoculants with TOP technology.
  • Avena
  • Barley
  • Soybean
  • Wheat
Blister of 3 L
Application Rate
Oats: 300 ml/100 kg of seeds
Barley: 200 ml/100 kg of seeds
Wheat: 200-300 ml/100 kg of seeds
Soya: 300 ml/100 kg of seeds