A Fungicide and an Insecticide, it combines four active principles: the fungicides Fludioxonil 2,5 % +  Meltalaxyl-M 2% + Tiabendazole 15% + the insecticide Tiametoxan 35 %.

The combination of the three fungicides that make up the product posses complimenting action modes and additives, which allow it to have preventive, curative and eradicating control of most of the pathogens that affect the seeds and the seedlings during the implantation.

The insecticide in the formulation, Tiametoxam (neonicotinoide) provides persistent control of insects in the soil and on the surface. The roots absorb this principle, which systematically moves towards the rest of the seedling. It exercises rapid contact and stomach action on the insect, affecting its nervous system.

Sygenta group registered product.

  • Low toxicity for the worker. Class IV.
  • Vigorous effect: stimulates the root and aerial development.
  • High control persistence.
  • Enduring protection.
  • High compatibility with inoculants.
  • Soybean
12 bottles each of 1 L
Application Rate
100 ml /100kg of seeds