An inoculant with bio-induction technology. It strengthens the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, even under stressful abiotic situations.

The formula is based on Rhizobium leguminozarum biovar viceae strains, specific for the pea. This differentiation guarantees that the root of the germinated seed be quickly infected, accelerating the nodulation and the process of Nitrogen Fixation.

The greatest advantages lie in the response of the crop in situations such as momentary drought, water excess, low temperatures and the acidity of the soil.

Bio induction technology activate resistance mechanisms in the plant that allow for the creation of nodules, even under stressful situations, and allows for the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, fundamental in the nutrition of the crop. It also stimulates the interrelation with different beneficial microorganisms of the soil that provide additional advantages to the inoculation, activating mechanisms of resistance to disadvantageous environmental factors that are bad for the development of crop.

  • Maximum Biological Fixation of Nitrogen.
  • Promotes a more effective nodulation: greater amount of nodules with good size, weight and positioning on the root.
  • Induces a resistance to diseases.
  • Promotes activity in the rhizosphere.
  • Improves the behavior of the crop in stressful abiotic situations.
  • Activates the microbial and vegetable physiology.
  • Pea