Is a Liquid inoculant for bean mung that promotes high metabolic and physiological performance of the specific microorganisms on the seeds. It includes osmo Protective technology TOP.

It uses the Rhizobium tropici  y Rhizobium etli, specially used to inoculate bean seeds. The high metabolic and physiological performance of the microorganisms provide by the TOP Technology, ensure that the root of the germinated seed be infected very quickly, in this way accelerating the process of Biological Fixation of Nitrogen.

The inclusion of osmoprotective substances (TOP Technology) promotes a high metabolic and physiological performance of the microorganisms that make up the inoculant. In this way, they can achieve better survival on the surface of the seed. They also adapt better to diverse agricultural environments and adverse situations such as hydric and chemical stress.

The internal protection in the microorganisms also allows for an advantage in the sowing of up to seven days, making the job of the farmer easier. If the sowing is held back by any eventuality, it is not necessary to treat the seed again.

  • Survival of high number of microorganisms on the seed.
  • Rapid germination and growth of the crop.
  • Greater root mass: it allows the plant to improve its exploration of the soil, powering the yield of nutrients and water
  • Greater grain size
  • Greater health and survival of plants.
  • Improvement in yield
  • Bean
4 L Blister.
Application Rate
1000 g per 250 Kg of seed