A bio fertilizer that promotes vegetable (plant) growth, based on microorganisms that promote growth (PGPR) of the Pseudomonas fluorescens species, selected for its capacity to solubilize the phosphorus in the soil.

It can be applied 15 days before sowing.

It increases the availability of phosphorus in the soil, mineralizing the organic portion and solubilizing the inorganic one. It produces phytohormones (auxins, bierlinas, cytokinins) that act as growth factors empowering root growth in the crop. It produces antibiotics and siderophores, which protect the plants from fungicide pathogens and improve its overall health.

It is formulated in a sterile liquid carrier that contains Pseudomonas fluorescens, which have a microorganism concentration that assures the action of the product, guaranteeing the improvement in the root and vegetable (plant) growth.

  • Increases the availability of phosphorus in the soil.
  • Improves the efficiency of phosphorus fertilizers.
  • Promotes growth stimulating substances that induce the start of root growth and increases the formation of roots and root hairs.
  • Apt for use in organic agriculture.
  • Wheat
Two 6 L bladders of Biological Rizofos Liquid Fertilizer Pre inoculated Wheat + two 1.5 L bladders of Premax R Bacterial Protector.
Application Rate
1000 ml per 100 kg of seed 800 ml of Inoculant + 200 ml of Protector.