Fumigation tablets that eliminate all the evolutionary stages of insects in stored grains.

A solid fumigant that generates gas. It is composed of 60% Aluminium phosphorous, plus a well-balanced mix of ammonium carbamate and paraffin that allow for the secure and effective liberation of the phosphine (active toxic)
A very efficient product for the treatment in silo bags. Controls insects and fungus, avoiding contamination with mycotoxins.

  • Eliminates all the evolutionary stages of insects
  • Provides greater concentration of product.
  • Does not affect or modify the properties of the treated product.
  • Does not leave toxic residue.
  • Not aggressive with the environment.
  • Offers extraordinary security in its application thanks to the controlled liberation of phosphine, an errand exclusive to ammonium carbonate.
  • All crops
Box with 9 cans of 16 tubes of 30 pills of 3g each.
Box with 12 flasks containing 333 big pills of 3g each.
Box with 12 flasks containing 166o pellets of 0.6g each.
Application Rate
3 tablets per cubic meter in conventional silo or cell.

1.5 tablets in airtight environments or bag silo

Stored grains

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