An acaricide insecticide for a secure and prolonged control of plagues in stored grains. Formulated under last generation active principles: Pirimiphos-methyl and Lambda-cyhalothrin

An efficient solution for the conservation and preservation from infestations in the storage of grains and seeds. Its components complement each other and potentiate themselves, controlling the total variety of plagues in only one application.
It is an insecticide, presented as a “Twin-pack”, made up of two liquid parts:
Liquid part 1: 50% Pirimiphos-methyl, insecticide, acaricide, gorgogicide.
Liquid part 2: 5% Micro capsuled Lambda-cyhalothrin, gorgogicide.
It has a prologued life span over inert surfaces (facilities) and cereals, and when applied correctly can provide up to one year of protection

  • Provides up to one year of protection in one application
  • Low toxicity for humans
  • Can be applied with minimum precautions and without special equipment.
  • High protection without dangerous residue.
  • Has not generated a species of resistant plagues.
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Paddy rice
  • Sorghum
  • Wheat
Box with 6 twin packs of 1 L each. . Box with 4 twin packs of 5 L each.. Pack with 12 bottles of 1 L each (8 actellic 50 of 1 L each + 4 karate Son 1 L each).
Application Rate
5 to 20 cm3 of the mix, proportional to tonnage of stored grain.
Plagas que controla

Carcomas, gorgojos, taladrillos, polillas, palomitas, ácaros.