The 100% biological seed treatment that your soybean needs.

A premium value proposition that combines the advanced bioinduction technology of Signum and the fungicidal control of Rizoderma, the first biological seed treatment on the market.


3 x 2 L SIGNUM II inoculant bladders

3 x 1 L RIZODERMA bladders

3 x 500 mL COLOR RED 49:1 bottles

Each pack treats 3000 kg of seed.

Application Rate
    100 mL SIGNUM II + 50 mL RIZODERMA 150 mL/50 Kg soybean seed
    150 mL/50 Kg soybean seed

Bioinduction is an inoculant technology developed by Rizobacter that generates molecular signals to activate early metabolic processes in bacteria and plants. This enables an earlier and more efficient nodulation, which maximizes the capacity to fix nitrogen, and promotes nutrient uptake. Therefore, it increases legume growth and final crop yield.

Likewise, Rizoderma is a biological synthesis fungicide technology that protects crops from the start. It increases the spectrum of pathogen control, while providing vigor and growth-promoting effect. It is based on the Trichoderma harzianum (Th2) strain, a fungus that infects the crop as it develops, protecting it from diseases from planting to harvesting, through three mechanisms of action.

20 days pre-inoculation


Liquid inoculant

Is an inoculant with bio-induced technology. It promotes the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, even in stressful abiotic situations.

Seed Treatment

Biological fungicide for foliar application that provides greater disease control and a prolonged residual power.