A premium offer that combines the maximum existing bio induction technology, bacterial protection and the integral protection of the seed.


3 two Liter bladder of Signum II (total 6 L)
1 one and half liter bladder of Premax LLI II (total 1.5 L)
3 one litre bottles of Maxim Evolution (total of 3 L)

Application Rate
    100 ml Signum II + 25 ml Premax II+ 50 ml Maxim Evolution
    175 ml/50 kg of soybean seed

Insures excellent compatibility between the products of chemical origin and the ones of biological origin, optimising each of their performances.
Guarantees a more effective nodulation, greater Biological Fixation of Nitrogen -even in conditions of abiotic stress- and the health of the seed and the crop in its initial stages.


Is an inoculant with bio-induced technology. It promotes the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, even in stressful abiotic situations.

Bacterial protector
Premax Uruguay

Bacterial protector. Increases the survival of microorganisms on the soybean seed treated with inoculants.

Seed Treatment
Maxim Evolution

A systemic and contact fungicide used for the integral treatment of the soybean seed. It combines three active principles: Fludioxonil 2,5 g + Metalaxyl-M 2,0 g + Tiabendazole 15 g.