Anti-evaporating power and penetrating product, it emulsifies the products when applied, forming a protective film, in this way reducing the evaporation and improving its reaction with the vegetable cuticles.

Because of its formulation, it stands out for its adhesion capacity and the reduction of the surface tension of the drop. Its affinity with wax-like surfaces of the leaves allows for the penetration to the interior of the plants. It is formulated with methyl esters of fatty acids that come from soybean oil (MSO), which provides it with its anti evaporation capacity. It is easily emulsifiable.

Especially advisable for avoiding the evaporation of the applied products.

  • Favors the adherence and reduces the surface tension of the applied products.
  • The affinity of Rizo Oil M Plus with the wax-like surface of the leaves, allows for the penetration in the interior of the plant.
  • Easily emulsified in water.
  • All crops
One 15 L Bladder
Application Rate
RECOMENDED From 0.3 to 0.5% of the broth to be applied.