It combines a bacterial inoculant formulated with osmoprotective technology (TOP) that ensures high metabolic and physiological performance of the microorganisms, and a therapeutic seed fungicide that is water-based with polymers.


3 bladder de 2 L each  Rizoliq Top
3 cans de 3 L each of Ritiramcarb

Application Rate
    250 mL/50 kg of seeds

This fungicide allows for a better distribution of the active principles over the seed, without affecting the survival of the microorganisms.

Liquid inoculant
Rizoliq Top

Is an inoculant that promotes high metabolic and physiological performance of microorganisms on the seeds.

Seed Treatment
Ritiramcarb Plus

A fungicide seed treatment based on watery substances with polymers, which distinguishes itself for the quality of its formulation. It is the combination of two active principles: Thiram 35% y Carbendazim 15%.