The Most Effective Treatment Power


Rizobacter’s adjuvant products are designed to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural applications.

We have developed a complete portfolio and network of alliances with leading international companies in the area of chemical technology. This allows farmers worldwide to have access to adjuvant solutions that overcome difficulties from former periods and guarantees the optimization of the quality of the applications, with environmentally-friendly formulas, free of nonyl phenol. In this way becoming the most important adjuvant line in Latin America.

Each of the technologies used is prepared to work on the physical and chemical properties of the pulverized broths so they may potentiate the effect of the herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers. Among other things, the products have tension active, humidifying, trans-locating, anti evaporation, anti-foaming properties and water quality correctors.

The new phytosanitary are produced with highly concentrated formulations that include more active molecules. The adjuvants contribute to an effective application of this new generation of products (drop coverage, moisturizing, deposition, penetration and translocation) and reduce the margin of error of the practice, avoiding over-dosages or double application.

Main Benefits

  • Formulas that are environment friendly and safe for worker’s use.
  • Enhance the herbicide, fungicide, insecticide and foliar fertilizer’s action and guarantee that the product hits the application’s targeted area.
  • By optimizing the action of the phytosanitary, it is possible to protect the durability and efficiency of agricultural technologies, in this way providing a more sustainable agriculture practice.