A high-technology washing adjuvant, specifically designed for problems of new tank mixes in agriculture.

The new Rizospray Advance Cleaner allows for the elimination of the most persistent phytosanitary molecules from the spray-gun. Thanks to its descaling, solubilizing and inactivating triple action, it guarantees an integral professional washing process. It is the only tank cleaner prepared to hang and eject particles from herbicides that are of difficult removal.

Rizobacter recommends its use for herbicides such as Sulfentrazone, Flumioxazin, Atrazine, Sulfometuron, and other tough cleaning formulas.

  • Allows removal, separation and hanging of solid particles, which are typical of highly challenging herbicide formula.
  • Strongly alkaline: deactivating molecules such as Glyphosate, 2,4 D, Dicamba, Picloram, MSMA, phosphorus insecticides and others.
  • Emulsifies the cleaning water to the remains of the graminicides, insecticides, low quality agricultural oils and other oil-based phytosanitary.
Box of Ten 1 L bottles.
Application Rate
300 cc / 100 L of water