Bacterial protector

Bacterial protector. Increases the survival of microorganisms on the soybean seed treated with inoculants.

It is an inoculant of secure use and of very good quality to be applied in multiple adverse situations that provoke a decrease in the number of microorganisms, as in the case of hydraulic stress, high temperatures, and when mixed with fungicides and insecticides. It is indicated for seeds that are treated with inoculants and can be sown immediately or some days after.

  • Adheres the microorganism to the seed, maintaining the necessary proximity between the microorganism and the surging root.
  • Protects from cellular desiccation, a frequent problem that occurs when the inoculation of the seed takes place on days of high temperature in the soil, when humidity conditions are not good enough.
  • Nurtures the microorganisms so that they may maintain their metabolism in the period between the inoculation and germination