Foliar insecticide

A foliar insecticide with bedbugs and caterpillars, formulated with acetate, component of proven efficiency that does not discharge odor and effectible replaces Endosulfan.

Its solubility coefficient in water ensures the formation of homogenous solutions, favorable to the good distribution and penetration in the canopy during the application. 
Because of its low toxicity and its isolating container (hydrosoluble bag within a high density propylene bag) it is a product that keeps the worker safe. 

The acephate, a component that revolutionizes the market, it is very effective for the control of plagues (Lepidoptera, Hemiptera and other sucking insects). This active principle of the phosphorous organ family has the particularity of providing excellent control of the caterpillars from Epinotia aporema, Colias lesbia, Anticarsia gemmatalis, Pseudoplusia includens, Spodoptera frugiperda and Rachiplusia nu and bedbugs, such as Piezodorus guildinii, Nezara viridula, Euchistus heros, Dichelops furcatus and Edessa meditabunda.

  • Green band insecticides.
  • Innovative, secure and effective in the control of plagues.
  • Without strong smells.
  • Residual effect of 12 to 15 days over mobile and adult larva.
  • Not affected by rain after the application because of its systemic action on the plant. 4 aluminum bags of 5kg each.
  • Soya
  • Sunflower
4 aluminum bags of 5 kg each..