An agent that reduces the drift in the aerial and ground applications of phytosanitary. 

Its action reduces the loss of efficiency by the phytosanitary that are associated with the exodrift due to wind action. It also reduces the risk of damaging neighboring crops and non-targeted areas.

It is the only one of its category that contains high dispersing silicon in its composition, allowing for dual action of efficient control of adversities, because it collaborates in the reduction of drift in applications that are highly demanding.

  • It homogenizes the size of the sprinkled drops, giving a more predictable and controllable pattern.
  • Improves contact and spreading of broth on the targeted area.
  • Reduces the formation of small drops, especially in mouthpieces of the flat-fan-type and all their derivatives.
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Box of Ten 1 L bottles..
Application Rate
100 ml /100 L broth to spray on ground applications.
200 ml /100 L of broth to spray on aerial applications.
*The used dosage must be confirmed on the field, taking into account the weather and agronomical conditions.