Combines the maximum bio induction technology and the integral protection of the seed (fungicide and insecticide), designed for the control of spikes in soybean (Promecops carinicollis y Sternechus subsignatus).


3 bladder de 2 L each Signum
9 bottles of 1 L each of Suren Plus

Application Rate
    250 mL /50 kg of seeds

Insures excellent compatibility between the products of chemical origin and the ones of biological origin, optimising each of their performances.

Guarantees a more effective nodulation, greater Biological Fixation of Nitrogen -even in conditions of abiotic stress- and the health of the seed and the crop in its initial stages.


Is an inoculant with bio-induced technology. It promotes the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, even in stressful abiotic situations.

Seed Treatment
Insecticide / Fungicide
Suren Plus

A fungicide and insecticide therapy used for the treatment of oats, wheat, barley and soybean. It is specially designed for the control of diseases and insects that affect the sowing and its implantation.