Combines the advantages of the long life inoculant with the protector that increases the survival of the microorganisms over the seed, guaranteeing a greater nodulation and Biological Fixation of Nitrogen.


2 bladder of 5 L each Rizoliq LLI II (total 10 L)
2 bladder of 1,8 L each de Premax LLI II (total 2 L)

Application Rate
    125 mL Rizoliq LLI II 25 mL Premax LLI II
    150 mL/50 kg de semilla de soja
Liquid inoculant
Rizoliq LLI

Is a Long Life Inoculant (LLI) that allows for the seed to be treated -alongside fungicides and insecticides- up to 70 days before the sow.

Bacterial protector
Premax Uruguay

Bacterial protector that increases on-seed survival.