It includes the bacterial inoculant Rizoliq Top, formulated with osmoprotective technology that ensures a high metabolic and physiological performance of the microorganisms; plus the bacterial protector Premax and a biological fungicide seed treatment Rizoderma Soybean, which controls the main diseases in the seed.



1 box of two bladder of three L each of Rizoderma Soybean.

1 bladder of Protector of one L each.

2 bladder of two L each of Rizoliq TOP; to treat 2000kg of seed.

Application Rate
    150 ml of Rizoderma Soybean + 50 ml of Protector + 100 ml of Rizoliq TOP.
    300 ml per 50 kg of soybean seed.

This combination ensures that the root of the germinated seed be infected quickly, accelerating in this way the process of Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, and the action mechanisms of the trichoderma harzianum fungus, an important coloniser of the roots that competes with the pathogens, blocking the alteration of the germination process.

Liquid inoculant
Rizoliq Top

Is an inoculant that promotes high metabolic and physiological performance of microorganisms on the seeds.

Bacterial protector
Premax Uruguay

Bacterial protector that increases on-seed survival.

Seed Treatment
rizoderma soja rizobacter

Seed treatment of biological origin for  soybean that enables a better control of diseases and has long lasting residual power.