Combines the bacterial protector with a liquid inoculant based on the Rhizobium Japonicum strain, which is applied simultaneously on the seed and in the sowing line.


4 bladder of 2 L each of inoculante Rizoliq Surco + 1 bladder of 1,4 L de Premax

Application Rate
    20 L c/ 20 has.

It generates greater practicality because it frees the farmer from the inoculation treatment of the seed before the sow.

Liquid inoculant
Rizoliq Surco

A liquid inoculant, which combined with a microorganism protector, is simultaneously applied to the seed in the sowing line, ensuring the survival of the microorganisms.

Bacterial protector
Premax Uruguay

Bacterial protector. Increases the survival of microorganisms on the soybean seed treated with inoculants.